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A selection of mostly-simple projects to make your planes, chargers and radios work better. You will need a soldering iron and a meter that can check continuity, but not much more than that. There are more similar ones coming soon, and there will be a few bigger projects coming along at some point. If you like them register here and subscribe to the YouTube Channel to get updates when new stuff is posted.

DIY 4-in-1 Charger

4-chargers-into-1 using a single power supply to charge Ultra-Micro batteries.

Flight Simulator Mini Controller

A few simple mods to make a Flight sim controller easier to pack and more rugged.

DX8 Tx - Taken-Apart & Together

A quick peek at what's inside and how it's put together.

Carbon Cub Wing Connector

To Come.

ASK-21 Wing Connector

To Come.

DX6i Ultra-Mini Antenna

To Come.

To Come

To Come.