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Big Apple Hobbies was a little hobby shop in Queens, New York between 2007 and 2012. It had been my local hobby shop and I was there quite frequently.

When the previous owner decided to close it, I jumped in thinking that it would be a cinch to run a small business in Queens in addition to addition to a full-time job in Manhattan.

So after a few years even I learned that this is not a very practical proposition and I (reluctantly) closed the store.

In the future you will see a few "off-the-beaten-path" products, both kits and such produced by us, as well as tools, accessories and materials unavailable anywhere else.

For any questions please email me at [email protected] (replace "website" with the name of this website).

I'm sure you've all seen website with "forums" where there are all of 3 threads and zero traffic. Unless and until traffic warrants it I will not put in an actual forum, but on the other hand, if anybody emails question(s) that I think may be interesting to others, I will post both the question and answer on this page.