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A selection of mostly-simple airplane projects. These are things I had thought of while I had the store, but that I never had time to actually build. There are more similar ones coming soon, and there will be a few bigger projects coming along at some point. If you like them register here to get updates, when new stuff is posted.

Champ Mods - Start Here for All Mods

All about the jigs and how to get started with the mods.

Champ - Magnetic Wing

Removable magnetically-attached wing for the Champ

Champ - Clipped Wing

Sooo.... if you can remove the wing, you can also make a smaller wing so the plane flies faster and handles more wind

Champ - Magnetic Battery Mount

Get rid of the Velcro and attach the battery with magnets.

Champ - Magnetic Battery Mount -- Ver 2.0

Alternate method that doesn't require opening up the fuselage.

Champ - ChampChamp

Combine 2 Mag-Wing Champs into a single Twin-Champ to make a great FPV parkflyer

Radian - Twin Radians

If you're wondering what inspired ChampChamp, well, here it is.

Champ - Transfer Tape

Instead of joining the fuselage together with scotch tape I prefer something called Transfer Tape. Here's what's cool, and not-so-cool about it.

Scale Champs

They don't just have to be yellow!
To prove it, Randy Connor built a whole fleet of scale Champs

Champ CRX

A mod that did NOT work well.

Coming Soon

_ _ _

Carbon Cub - Magnetic Wing

Removable Wing for the Carbon Cub

Carbon Cub - On Vacation

And a small case to carry it around