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HobbyZone Champ w/ Fuselage and Wing Jigs

I made several jigs for the Champ mods. I tried to do this free-hand before making the jigs and it did not go well. The fuselage top is hollow and if the magnets end up a little too much this way or that, they will be too close to the edge of the fuse (weak) or too close to the very hollow center (even weaker). And it's a sufficiently complex shape that trying to lay it out by hand is a giant pain ....

Similarly, the cuts on the wing need to be:

  • perpendicular to the leading edge
  • vertical
  • right in the center of the simulated rib (because there is a lot of extra thickness in that very narrow spot and it makes the glue joint much stronger).
  • free of bloodstains from where you cut yourself accidentally (:-) (one of the reasons the cutting guide is super-large is to protect your fingers)

Both these mods can be done without the jigs, but it won't be very much fun, and probably will not work as well as it would using the jigs.

The jigs are available HERE.

The other mod videos are all listed HERE.