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HobbyZone Champ w/ Magnetic Wing

The Champ Fuselage Jig makes this into an easy, leisurely, mod, that will always fit great.

A few notes:

I use kicker to set the CA glue. Kicker is nice because it will make sure there are no stray drops of un-cured CA that will drip on your shirt and ruin it. On the other hand, it doesn't speed things up tremendously. While it sets the CA right away, if you want to re-apply CA to the same spot you have to wait until the Kicker has evaporated completely, or else bad things happen.

If you rush the cure time too much the joints will be weaker and more brittle. Also, speeding up the cure of CA with kicker, can create enough heat to melt foam from the heat (not from any chemical process). In sum, if you're used to kicker and know how to use it, go ahead and use it, it will help you a little, but if you're new to building stuff, lay off of it for this project.

The part of the video where I show the wing coming off looks easier than it will be for you. This is because I shot the video with a new plane built from parts, and I had attached the wing with transfer tape. However, the process is exactly as shown and as described: soak with lighter fluid, wait, jiggle, soak, wait, jiggle, and repeat until the wing detaches. There is no trick of special magic here, you just have to wait until the lighter fluid does it's magic.

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