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E-Flight Carbon Cub on VacationTwin

I think the video covers pretty much everything here, so if I left anything out just email me.

There will be no Clipped Wing or Twin version of this plane.

The wing is so filled with servos and pushrods, etc, that for a clipped-wing version, only 1 rib bay on each side lends itself to be "clipped" and given that this plane, unlike the Champ, starts out with brushless power, the minor improvement in performance simply wouldn't be worth all the work to get there.

Also, pretty much the same comment for the notion of doing a CarbonCarbonCubCub -- the ChampChamp is a lighthearted, quickie, cheap project, but doing the same thing on the CC would result in a draggy, fragile, expensive twin, that would not work any better for quickie FPV than something scratchbuilt from Depron, Foamcore or balsa, or than a converted brushless miniSuperCub or something else similar.

Feel free to email me for any questions.

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