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Compact Flight Sim Controller

The only tricky big here is moving the white connector for the sim jack to the other side of the board. Go to 1:10-1:20 to see what I mean.

On the other hand, you can also simply remove the antenna and move the handle, while leaving the plug in it's stock location at the back. This would take you all of 15 minutes and give you most of the benefit.

BTW, it annoys me that a device connected to USB needs to have separate batteries installed. Also, I think the cord for the Phoenix is more clumsy than it needs to be.

I plan to do a Part 2 of this mod, where I remove the batteries, mount the Phoenix module inside the case, feed power to the tx from the USB port, and change the PC-Tx connection to use a generic printer cable so it's no big deal if the cable gets lost.

I'm only about 80% sure that it will work, but I will post the results in either case. It may even be possible to use the battery cover to store the USB cable inside the box, but as long as I'm using a generic, easily-replaced cable this last feature isn't too critical.

Feel free to email me for any questions.

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